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      What is the Best Way for a Person to break into the Field of Professional Receptionist?

The position of Professional Receptionist is a desirable occupation that requires a unique skill set. If the job seeker is just breaking into the field it is imperative that they acquire the appropriate training to qualify for this position. Top employers are looking for front office representatives with either proven experience in the field, professional certification or both.


What Certifications and Educational Requirements are needed for Those Desiring to be Receptionists?


A solid candidate for the position of Professional Receptionist will have acquired all fundamental educational prerequisites,  such as a high school diploma or equivalency; a strong command of the English language and above average grammatical skills. The right person will also possess a working knowledge of the corporate culture regarding dress, grooming, business etiquette and adherence to the corporate chain of command. Any individual possessing all the qualities mentioned above; along with an innate desire to furnish expert customer service would greatly benefit from the advantages they will gain from completing an advanced level professional service training course, such as the Certified Professional Receptionist (CPR) instruction available through the National Association of Professional Receptionists. NAPR Certified Professional Receptionists are equipped with the organizational skills vital to providing optimal customer/client service as their employer’s first person point of contact.


Why are Certifications and Continued Educational Training Beneficial to Receptionists?


Today’s top employers are inclined to hire Career Professional Receptionists. These are individuals with an employment history that demonstrates their job satisfaction and proven advancement within their chosen field of Professional Receptionist.  Candidates that acquire additional training, education and professional receptionist’s certification gain a decisive edge over their competitors. Some incentives that make a potential hires more appealing to employers include;  five (5) or more years of experience as a professional receptionist, certified bi/multi-lingual ability, certified ASL Sign Language ability, advanced business education and/or training seminar certifications and computer operational skills and certification in the use of the most up-to-date, widely used business software.


                    What is The Best Way for a Candidate to Gain Experience as a Receptionist?

Many corporations, firms and government agencies offer internships to students; especially during spring and summer breaks.  This affords those new to the workforce to gain much needed experience, as well as on-the-job training. Interns seldom work a full-time schedule and are usually assigned various duties; which allows them to get the variety of hands-on training needed to build a resume that reflects the candidate’s versatility. Since several organizations adopt a split-shift policy for their front office personnel; dividing the front desk responsibilities into morning and afternoon shifts between two or more Professional Receptionists the intern or part-time employee can gain valuable front office instruction and experience working side-by-side with professionally trained reception personnel.


For more information on obtaining the status of Certified Professional Receptionist, we invite you to visit the website of the National Association of Professional Receptionists (NAPR), at, or contact us by phone at 301-220-1613.


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