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To qualify:

  • A one page letter to the association stating why you should be considered as certified.
  • 1 year continuous member of the National Association of Professional Receptionists ( login 12 times or more for certification)
  • A resume with 5 years experience as a receptionist, switchboard operator, information clerk, customer service representative, secretary, administrative assistant or greeter.
  • 3 certificates of continued education from any accredited seminar provider with the curriculum of customer service, receptionist/front desk, human resources, management or a diploma or certificate of an accredited business or secretarial school.
  • A character reference letter from your employer (s) of the last 5 years (maximum of 3 employers), addressed to the National Association of Professional Receptionists recommending you as a professional receptionist. This must be verified by a human resources official.  References will be checked!  Re-certification by employer reference letter is held every 3 years on anniversary date.

Send to: National Association of Professional Receptionists

             P.O. Box 104, College Park, Maryland 20741

             Attn: CPR

Upon meeting all qualifications you will be awarded a certificate and lapel pin from the National Association of Professional Receptionists and placed on our designation list on our web site.  You will be able to use the designation behind your name and on your resume. You will also be eligible for discounts on selected items the association offers.

This designation will let all know that you are truly a professional and deserve more... respect, commendation and compensation!

· A certification as a Professional Receptionist does not guarantee an increase in pay or job promotion. However, do not hesitate to mention it during job interviews because it may give you the "extra edge" in a hiring decision.

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